Monday, June 1, 2015

Rough Animation Practice

Started working on a small side project!! 
Here's a rough animation test of my main thesis character :D
Oh wow I'm so's been way too long since I've done 
any animation!! I forgot how much I love doing this!!
There's definitely tons I still need to learn about animating,
but it's been really fun getting back into it again!!
Also, to give it a little more context, I added the longer version 
underneath...complete with my ridiculously rough thumbnails... 
Hopefully y'all get the idea :D
Hope to have a more complete version soon!!

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Here's a small doodle sketch of some bunnions and
my main character, Riley, from from my thesis project!!
He's actually based on one of my amazing a very
special thank you to Mr. AJ for letting me use his shoes :D

Visual Elements - Hare Today, Goon Tomorrow

Another semester down!! 
And got to start on some work for my thesis!! :D 
Here are a couple of pages combining the many things 
we did throughout the class!! We had an absolutely incredible 
professor who gave tons of great feedback and comments!! 
I'm hoping to go back and rework some of this over the summer!! 
By the time I finish my thesis a lot of this may change...
but for now...have some crazy Vis Dev art stuff!!

Digital Painting

Based on this adorable toy here: 

Here's some of my final pieces from the super wonderful 
Digital Painting class I took this Spring semester!!
Totally didn't realize until now that every piece
fell into a very purple/green color scheme!!
Always cool when things work out that way :D
It was so much fun getting to experiment and play around 
with some more graphic styles in this class!! It's definitely a lot 
harder than it looks!! So excited to keep practicing :D

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pre-Production and Some Thesis Work

My thesis concept was approved!! So incredibly excited!! :D
Now the real work begins!! Here are a few WIP project pieces!!
More to come soon!!

And these are a few doodles from my incredibly 
amazing Pre-Production class last Fall!! 
We worked a lot on our thesis concepts in this class...
this was just a fun side assignment :D

Character Design

Here is a whole dump of stuff from the absolutely ridiculously 
amazingly awesome Character Design class I got to take last Fall!!
Definitely one of my favorite classes so far!! :D
It really helped me loosen up my drawings and break away from 
the stiff posing a bit!! We got to draw a bunch of different 
characters each week; some of our own making, and some 
inspired by other artists and styles that you may recognize 
(no copyright infringement intended)!!
My amazing professor also gave me a bunch of great comments 
and critiques on a lot of these!! So hopefully I'll have some time 
to go back and make those adjustments soon!!
There's still a lot I need to work on...but hopefully I'll keep learning!! :D